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Fragrant Magic Moment Vollaré Body Mist is the aroma of summer sun in the form of a spray - it gently caresses the skin and refreshes it, leaving a tempting scent behind. The mist is safe for the hair and despite its delicate color, it does not leave any traces on clothes or other fabrics, so you can use it indoors without worrying, e.g. as a form of refreshing bedding. It will perfectly replace you with a heavy bottle of your favorite perfume or toilet water in a purse, it will work well at the airport and in travel luggage, and in any situation where quick refreshment is at a premium.

Fragrance notes:

Cucumber has a fresh, very aquatic, green aroma that spreads very well, leaving behind the freshness of the summer garden and memories of carefree days. It is refreshing by nature and is associated with coolness.


Melon is sweet, clearly fruity, associated with summer relaxation and colourful drinks sipped on a sun-drenched Mediterranean beach. It has an aldehyde character.


How to use:


Like perfumes, body mists should be applied directly to the skin. We recommend spraying the whole skin with Magic Moment Vollaré Body Mist immediately after a morning shower or bath.

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200 ml

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