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Flickering particles in the Tropical Vollaré body mist dance on the skin in the light like the most beautiful pearls from the bottom of the ocean. This cosmetic contains extract from aloe vera; the hit Asian plant, which won the hearts of Korean women and is currently the most popular ingredient in body cosmetics thanks to its protective properties. The illuminating formula in the fashionable rose gold colour covers the skin with a protective cloud and does not dry it out thanks to the non-alcoholic, safe combination of ingredients. This product with a refreshing, sunny, fruity scent, thanks to which you will feel fresh and light even among the hustle and bustle of the city, will fit in even the smallest purse.

Fragrance Notes:

Papaya is full of an enzyme called papain that smells intensely of very, very ripe tropical fruit; the aroma is slightly earthy and quite wet, associated with summer and holidays.

have an oily, slightly nutty, green, vegetable scent that is rarely used in perfumery. It adds depth and nuance to aromatic compositions, making them more heavy.

How to apply Tropical Vollaré body mist?

Like perfumes, body mists should be applied directly to the skin. We recommend spraying Tropical Vollaré body mist onto the skin immediately after a morning shower or bath.

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200 ml

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