The formula of Da Vinci Vollaré Nail Polish provides a long-lasting effect of perfectly well-groomed and shiny nails with a vivid color. Varnishes will work in every situation; at the office, during a date, at a party, family reunion or on vacation. The collection of the most feminine colours of nail polishes in line with the latest trends will allow you to choose your favourite set to create an accent manicure or a more complex style — every woman will find something that suits her style. Beige in the 60s style, strong pin up red, maybe gothic black?

  1. 0 — transparent varnish

  2. 1 — snow white

  3. 50 — bright, metallic brown

  4. 87 — baby blue shade

  5. 102 — neon, toy pink

  6. 128 — candy pink

  7. 158 — raspberry pink

  8. 296 — pastel, lavender violet

  9. 403 — sea green

  10. 427 — cool, gray-green

  11. 529 — noble, dark red blood

  12. 530 — milky beige of peony petals

  13. 531 — ermine beige-gray

  14. 532 — concrete gray

  15. 533 — cool gray of quartz

  16. 534 — cherry red

  17. 535 — classic, deep black

  18. 536 — warm beige of fresh biscuits

  19. 537 — neon cherry red

  20. F3 — delicate, pastel pink

The shaped, standard width and density brush facilitates quick and trouble-free coating of nails with polish without flooding the cuticles or dripping the product. The quick-drying formula allows for convenient application without long waiting for the possibility of returning to daily activities.

Are you looking for a different colour or formula of polish? Try Ingrid Color Shot Nail Polish!

Due to delays in deliveries from our glass packaging suppliers related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the packaging of the product you receive may differ from the image shown.

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