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Explorer, traveler, globetrotter. Stop refusing this side of your personality to breathe: reach for the Vittorio Bellucci Exclusive Perfume Born Holm Extreme Collection  and feel how Chinese cinnamon, Mexican marigold and Italian orange are calling that it's time for the adventure of a lifetime. Real and imaginative travel is not only a weekend hobby!


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You are the mistress of the world! Miss World Vittorio Bellucci Eau de Parfum is a composition dedicated to those women who march to the rhythm of their own hearts: ambrette, patchouli and moss create an unforgettable fragrance that will make you fall in love and intoxicate you

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Maybe your adventures in the company of a British intelligence agent were just a dream, but you take being a femme fatale to the real world.Vittorio Bellucci Exclusive Perfume Opal Black will envelop you with notes of coconut, heliotrope and mandarin so that no one will make a mistake; you are a dangerous woman even without a Beretta hidden in a high heel boot.

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Vittorio Bellucci Exclusive Perfume Queen Boutique is a fragrance for a woman who accepts her nuanced nature and wants to emphasize it instead of looking for fancy masks. Sweet as an apple, warm as musk, sharp as the refreshing scent of bergamot? It's still you. After all, you have many shades, facets, and moods. You are the sum of your experiences and celebrate it with a fragrance as complex as your nature.

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