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A day full of challenges? No, it's your whole life; dynamic, surprising, full of twists and turns like a composition of grapefruit, cedar wood and white musk. Vernissage Shine Cristal by Vittorio Bellucci will give you a sense of self-confidence and electrify anyone you brush with your aura… or your hair during the office flirtation.

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Vittorio Bellucci Exclusive Perfume Queen Boutique is a fragrance for a woman who accepts her nuanced nature and wants to emphasize it instead of looking for fancy masks. Sweet as an apple, warm as musk, sharp as the refreshing scent of bergamot? It's still you. After all, you have many shades, facets, and moods. You are the sum of your experiences and celebrate it with a fragrance as complex as your nature.

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Maybe your adventures in the company of a British intelligence agent were just a dream, but you take being a femme fatale to the real world.Vittorio Bellucci Exclusive Perfume Opal Black will envelop you with notes of coconut, heliotrope and mandarin so that no one will make a mistake; you are a dangerous woman even without a Beretta hidden in a high heel boot.

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If you want care with a scent that is as appetizing as you are, then reach for the Vollaré Coconut Body Mist. The content of hyaluronic acid provides gentle, tailored care for the skin of your body, and the shimmer provides a glamorous effect.


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The smell of holidays and shine like sparks of the sun falling on the sea water ?️ Tropical Vollaré body mist is a spray-treatment: the content of aloe in the alcohol-free formula will take care of the skin, and the aroma of papaya and avocado will give you energy.

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